Install a brand-new dock no matter where you need it.

Dock Building

Replace planks and fix up holes and weak spots in your dock.

Dock Repair

Protect the shore and land beyond the edge of the water.


Build a Solid Place to Dock Your Boat

A dock builder in Jacksonville, FL can construct and repair docks

If you want to embark on a fishing trip or go on a sightseeing sailing tour, you'll need a place for your boat to return to at the end of the day. A dock builder from JP Dock Building and Repair, LLC can craft that place. We'll build a dock where you can tie up your boat without worrying about it floating away or scraping the ground.

You can get a free estimate on our services so you know what you're getting into before you put anything in writing. All you have to do is call for a consultation.

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Install a dock made for you by a custom dock builder

Your boat is special to you. A custom dock builder can make sure your new dock is just as special. We’ll listen to your preferences and design your custom dock exactly the way you want it.
You’ll be impressed by the full extent of our services. You can always turn to us to:

  • Build a new dock so you can tie up your watercraft
  • Repair your existing dock so the planks don’t rot away
  • Install a bulkhead to prevent erosion and washout

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What makes JP Dock Building and Repair the right choice for you?

After three years repairing and building docks in the Jacksonville, FL area, we know how to tackle even the toughest challenges. Are your planks rotting through? We'll fix them. Do you need to build a dock in a swampy, marshy area? We can do it.

As licensed marine contractors, we have the background needed to install docks anywhere you need them. Our range covers everywhere within a 50-mile radius of Jacksonville. When you need us, we're there.